About MAP

Me and my son, Zurich

The Mother Artist Project was created to shed light on the lives of mother artists behind the scenes- as they try to balance two very different worlds. As a mother artist myself – this topic hits home for me. I know first hand the dedication it takes to tend to my family while tending to myself – by being the artist that I know I am.

I will be documenting- photographing and blogging the stories of mother artists locally and abroad. Much like a database or a hotspot for inspiration – the blog is meant to be an ongoing endeavor with weekly updates and regular shows, talks and workshops.

I believe that this project is a source of inspiration for women of all ages. It creates a circle of hope and encouragement to pursue your dreams no matter what. That balance is indeed possible. That we – mother artists, can be taken seriously and looked at as true artists – not just women with a hobby.

If you feel led to support this endeavor, donations can be made by clicking on the link to GoFundMe. Proceeds will be used to further this project. Thanks in advance for taking the time to consider helping out.